About Woodvision

The passion for wood is the foundation of our company and we have expanded on that towards a complete proposition for outdoor living. With over 85 employees we work daily to create the right experience for every desire and situation with our brands Woodvision and Hillhout. We develop and produce high-quality products to ensure that outdoor living is as pleasent as possible for everyone. We are trendsetting and innovative and with a collection of approximately 10.000 products, we can proudly say that there is something suitable for all. Our extensive dealer network, which is mainly active in the Benelux but in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well, enables us to offer our products to the consumer. Through this, we hope everyone can enjoy the outdoors, preferably all year round!

Terrein Woodvision

High quality

Our products are in stock at our location (17.5 acres) in Kampen. Because everything is produced by Woodvision, sister companies or dedicated production facilities, we are able to always provide you with the same, high quality.



We make every effort to produce as green as possible, which starts at choosing certified timber. We source our timber from specially constructed forests, where more trees are planted than felled. These forests form their own ecosystem, extracting a lot of CO2 from the air.


Impregnating significantly increases the lifespan of wood and makes it more resistant to water, mould and wood rot. Therefore, we impregnate (both under high pressure and by dipping) a large part of our wood on our own grounds.

Balcony with trellis

Versatile range

With our diverse and complete range, consumers can easily realise their dream garden. Because for every desire and situation, if it is for balconies, terraces, small or large gardens, we have suitable items.

Becoming a Woodvision dealer

Becoming a Woodvision dealer means always having our support in fulfulling the consumer’s wishes in creating a safe, private, comfortable and attractive outdoor living space by producing and delivering innovative, sustainable and contemporary products.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and to unburden them wherever we can. Our highly skilled team continually delivers a versatile product range consisting of a high quality and we introduce new and innovative products every year. You can always expect our products to be certified and sustainable wherever possible. We also have great logistics (mixed truckloads are possible), you will get digital support (customer portal and cabin configurator) and we offer marketing support as well.

Product range

We have put together a small range of products that can help you to give the consumer a reason to freshen up their outdoor spaces. Click on the image to find out.

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